Lutheran Campus Ministry at EWU

is a welcoming Christian community.

Bring your doubts, your struggles, your joys, your questions along with your desire for depth, community, realness, hard conversations and laughter.

Wherever you are in your faith journey, YOU are welcome!   

Lutheran Campus Ministry presents: 

Eastern Eagles Football Fundraiser!

Click here for information and registration. 

Lutheran Campus Ministry works cooperatively with ELM Campus Ministry. If you are an EWU student, please go to http://www.elmateastern.org for information on what we do each week.


In the midst of the 12,000 people at EWU, LCM is a place where friendship and community is created. We like to laugh, play games, watch movies and enjoy one another.

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In response to the grace and love that is shown to us through Jesus, we seek to serve others. For further information about service events, please go to http://www.elmateastern.org.

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If you would like to support this ministry, please click the donation tab above. Thank you for your support!