Top Ten Reasons I Love Lent


Top 10 reasons why I love Lent:

10. Soup Suppers

9. Under an hour worship experience

8. Purple looks good on me

7. Pushes me towards a faith discipline
(pray, reflect, read, pray some more)

6. Can never hear that temptation of Jesus story enough

5. Opportunity to reflect on what the 40 days of Lent mean …
(Does it include Sundays? Does it not? What about Holy Week?
If Holy Week is not included in Lent, does that mean I still can’t eat chocolate until Easter?)

4. It is not a consumer driven holiday … I don’t have to buy presents or candy or cards

3. As we move through Lent, spring comes ever closer

2. I can give up (most) anything for 40 days

1. I welcome the honesty of this time – I am a sinner and I am saved through God’s grace
(Even when I eat that chocolate bunny before Easter Sunday)


Want to know more about Lent?

Check the “Coming Events” page for what we’re doing in LCM!


Pastor Shelley

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