New Beginnings …


My friend told me about a game that she played in 6th grade. The game worked like this: A group of girls said that they were pretending to make a movie. This “movie” consisted of ganging up on one girl, pushing her down a hill and then kicking her and beating her. This part of the “movie” happened over and over. And my friend  was usually the girl who was kicked and beaten. No teacher ever intervened in this “movie-making.” And this practice went on most recesses all year long.

When my friend told me this story, I was appalled. I asked why did she allow this to happen. I wondered why she didn’t find kinder people to hang out with at recess. She said that she wanted to be friends with these girls and it was the only way that they would allow her to be with them.

My friend is a smart, creative, fun, spiritual person. She brings insight and wisdom to all things. And she allowed herself to be used (and abused) by people she thought of as friends.

In college there are also times when people can use (or abuse) you. The person who encourages you to drink one more shot. The boyfriend who thinks no means maybe. The professor who seems to be a little too interested in you. Remember that you are a strong, courageous person. You are a beloved child of God You are so much more than a side note in someone else’s story. Your story is your story. Write your story, live your story, as you want it to be.

We are so excited for this new school year to start at Lutheran Campus Ministry at EWU (LCM-EWU). We are a welcoming Christian community, a place for people of any gender, race, national origin and sexual orientation. We are a SAFE place. We are a place to come if you have felt bullied or left out or discriminated against. We gather to grow together in faith and celebrate God’s love through Jesus.

 we meet Monday nights at 5 pm at Emmanuel Lutheran Church (by Rockwood Clinic). We have retreats, service projects, fun events and more. Come check us out. We would love to see you!

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