This Week and Coming Events for Students


Fall Quarter 2016:

Every Monday 5 PM  ELM Campus Ministry
Home-Cooked Meal and Christian Community

We work cooperatively with the Methodists, Episcopalians and United Church of Christ to form ELM Campus Ministry. Each Monday we have a delicious home-made dinner followed by Worship/Activities/Conversation. Food preferences are always taken into consideration – please let us know of any food intolerance or allergies.

ELM CAMPUS MINISTRY meets at the Lutheran Church (639 Elm St) at 5 PM every Monday!

 Every Wednesday 10-1:30  PUB Conversation

Come to the PUB (on the same level as bookstore) for a time of conversation and fellowship. Snacks served. Bring lunch!

For the complete schedule, please go to 



One Response to This Week and Coming Events for Students

  1. Joanna Williams says:

    Pr. Shelley, my granddaughter, Geneva Marie Hauck, is a freshman at EWU this fall. She sounds interested in LCM, and I am inviting her to go there. I can’t contribute much but will make every effort to send something every month. LCM is vital to our youth, and I don’t want to see anything take LCM away from them. God bless you and your work. I’m looking forward to having my Feed Medical Lake contribute some food toward your Monday meals again. Hugs. Joanna Williams

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